It would be easy to state here something like, “We believe that the bible is the infallible word of God”, and that would be the truth for all of our core membership. However, it is our experience that in many cases Christ Followers don’t disagree with this statement, but they do have different interpretations of the text. In fact, we would like to encourage an environment that allows different interpretations of the text in order that we can challenge each other and encourage growth. We believe people join churches and groups like us, in search of truth. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the revealer of truth. And that fellowship and study encourage truth.

Your church and your pastors provide an important role in helping you to adhere to the disciplines and the correction of your chosen denomination. We believe that belonging to a local church is an essential component of your spiritual growth and discipleship and service.

With Alpha Dogs you may very well meet someone who has the different interpretation than you on the doctrine of end times. We would encourage you to discuss these, share your point of view and learn to get an understanding of how they came to their point of view. You may sway someone with your interpretation, they may come away even more convicted of their position, but we believe that you are both in a much healthier place for having had that discussion.

Alpha Dogs is a group that aims to bring men into closer relationship with God and with each other. Your pastor, your church and your denomination are best placed to help you refine and define your personal doctrine.